Monday, January 7, 2008

What a deal!!!

I had emailed Kimmer aka Heidi on the raising of her price. The following is from the email response she sent me....

Hey Linda!
Sorry for the delay in answering, we've had a zillion new members since New Years!
We had planned to raise our price a modest $20 on January 1st to compensate for our increased expenses. Our credit card processing fee rose from 2.9% to 14.5% plus web hosting, tech support and administrative increases. We're still far cheaper than Weight Watchers or South Beach that charge $350+ per year!
Since you had the eagle eyes to spot the change, I'll make you a deal. Go ahead and join at $79.95 then write me back with your receipt number & home address. I'll mail you a certified check for the $20 difference. Fair enough?

On Jan 3, 2008 12:44 PM, Zimmerschied, Linda wrote:
Why did the price of being a member get raised $20 in less than 24hours?

-----Original Message----- From: []Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 1:20 PMTo: Zimmerschied, LindaSubject: Welcome to 10 Reasons

< >
Thanks for signing up for "10 Reasons" to join Kimkins Weight Loss<> . You'll receive 10 separate emails a few days apart so you're not flooded with constant messages.
The most common question asked is if we really only charge a one timefee. Yes! You pay only $79.95 and not another penny -- ever. Once youcomplete Join Now<> you'll receive a "welcome" email and have access to the website, the diets, food lists, grocery list, live chat room, private messagingand community forums. Plus direct access to me in the Kimkins Cafe ifyou have any questions.
Summer is only a few short months away. How do you want to spend it? Sweaty and hot from dragging around those extra pounds -- or wearingcute outfits in a much smaller size? Your choice.
If you have questions right now you can email me directly Congrats on taking that first important steptoward health and dropping those extra pounds!
Happy Losing,
Kimmer, FounderKimkins Weight Loss

Sounds like a screaming deal to me! Sign me up....NOT! Such a crock of crap! Notice that she says she has had a "ZILLION of new members sign up" why don't I believe that??? If I have my way, her website will be closed down and she will never have another person join!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kimkins Diet

I have found a cause to fight and boy let me tell you! Everything that I have found out about this woman and her website, I am hopping mad!

Kimmer or should I say Heidi, Karma is a b_tch, and boy howdy are you going to get spanked! If I were you, instead of raising your price twenty more bucks, I would be bailing for the nearest border. Obviously, you are not a intellegent being.

My promise to you Heidi, I will be telling any one, every one about you and your site. I will be focused on making sure your life is going to get VERY uncomfortable......


PS fellow bloggers will be placing web ring and other items on my blog soon!